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August 8, 2009
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STORY TIME. Plzread. by thedandysheep STORY TIME. Plzread. by thedandysheep
maybe I'll color it... later....

Allow me to explain myself.

So, this spunky little raccoon character has been appearing on the margins of my schoolwork (in her various forms) since the beginning of time. Probably... 5th grade. She was stubby and fat then. And purple. o.o; I came to my senses probably around 7th grade and turned her brown.

ANYWAYS. During a summer camp one year long ago. I don't know when...6th grade maybe? One of the camp counselors was drawing in an anime-style (she was very good) and I freaked out, dumped love all over her, and tried to explain my style of art. And she was like "Oh, so, you do furry stuff?" and I was like "What's a furry?" She was so amused by my innocense that she drew me asking what yiff was. And I was like "What's yiff?" and she was like. "Don't google it or your parents will kill me." So of course, I googled it and with some disgust and horror discovered the furry fandom.


So I kept going and drawing and failing at drawing and trying some more and man I've gotten far. This little critter is what started it all... She's been my fursona before. She's changed a LOT. Right now she's just another one of my characters, and is currently named Muffin (though she's been called Riki, Pokkii, and Dazzid, among others).

But I love her so.

I also love the wonderful young lady who brought me into this mess, though I have since lost contact with her.


CHECK IT. She's pretty freaking amazing.
@_@ That was a real long ramble.
Anywho, you know that Meme time warp? you should do it
to show how your character has evolved.
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